Monday, July 24, 2017

Recount-about the holiday

Recount-about the holiday.

On the holiday me and my family went to have a special meeting at my cousin’s house it was really warm in the house we had a kie after the meeting we had roasted chicken and cheese and ham bun’s secondly we all got to watch the new spider man movie it was so epic then we got to go to the beach it was really fun.I went with my cousin then we went to jump to bounce all over the place finally we had to go home and get dressed to go to my other cousin birthday to celebrate at rainbow end.It was really intense because of the log flue it was cool but when i went on it the only thing that i hated is that the people were screaming too much and i did not like it but my parents just said have fun

Friday, July 7, 2017

Recout-about food festuble

Lasts week we had a food festival it was in our class it was so fun and we even got to bye dark chocolate and we hat to tell our parents so on told my mum and dad let's go to the bread first because it’s easy a to explain.