Thursday, April 12, 2018


Paragraph 1

In the beginning there was a swing bridge.
We went to the docks where the boats are tied up,(yacht club).
The yacht club is where we were  going to see were the old swing bridge was.
When we got there we did not see the bridge Ms Ashley was talking to us about the bridges, we could not see the swing bridge.
The old swing bridge made a sound effect like a boiling jug.
No one could not cross for a while because it was unsafe for the cars to cross,so they had to build another bridge that was strong to hold the heavy packages so the bridge won't collapse into the Tamaki River.

Paragraph 2

Two weeks ago there was a collapsing foot bridge accident on a 8 lane highway in America close to Miami.
There was survivors that called for help for emergency.
The helicopter was making too much noise and the emergency people couldn't hear the people who were screaming for help under the debris.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Maokai Pa

My sgraffito shows what happened from the beginning of Mokoia Pa.Because Mokoia Pa is on a volcanic mountain they can see the enemies who are going to attack. While the British are making their way up the mountain the Maoris have time to ready their weapons. On the volcanic mountain there was fertile soil to grow vegetables.Tamaki River was used for transport on a waka, fishing for food. The fences around all pa’s were so no other tribes could invade the land. I learnt about the history of Mokoia Pa. My challenge was to remember about sentences having only one idea.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kahukura Smart Footprint

Hi, my name is Kahukura, I am Maori and I have a fantastic family. I go to Tamaki Primary School.
In 2018 I will try harder in my learning because I want to be smart and earn certificates and reach my goals.

My goal this year is learning my maths and writing, reading and spelling. I enjoy playing Sumdog.