Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kahukura day and & night

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How day and night works

We have day and night because of the Earth’s rotation.

Firstly,The earth is always spinning on its axis  which is an
invisible line that goes through the north pole and the south pole.
In fact the earth
spins around its axis like a top,this movement is called the earth's
rotation, the earth's
rotation is what it  gives us day and  night.
In addition while the earth is spinning on its axis it also orbits
or revolves around the sun. This movement is called revolution whole
orbit around the sun is called a revolution.

Lastly,one side of the earth is the Northern hemisphere  and the
opposite side is the southern hemisphere.

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  1. Hi Kahukura !
    My name is Bella from Wainui Beach School.
    I like your description of Night and Day, it is very clear and descriptive. These are cool facts and I didn't know some of these before!
    From Bella
    P.S I wouldn't mind if you left a comment on my blog!